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Intense Pulsed Light in Indianapolis and Carmel Indiana

IPL Fotofacial PhotoFacial in Indianapolis/Carmel

About the Intense Pulsed Light IPL Treatment

The Intense Pulsed Light treatment is one of our most popular at Phases Skin and Laser Center! It is known with many different names, including IPL, Photo Facial, FotoFacial, LimeLight or photorejuvenation. It is non-invasive, targeting not only the surface of your skin, but also the collagen deep in your skin.

Our patients love this treatment and come from Indianapolis, Carmel and the surrounding areas for the procedure. You can expect IPL to reduce brown “age” spots, redness, unsightly small veins and red spots to renew your complexion.

A series of four to six treatments are recommended to create smoother more vibrant looking skin. There may be “social” down time. The IPL treatment can be used anywhere, including the face, neck, chest, arms and hands.

Price for Intense Pulsed Light Photofacial

Single IPL Treatment Pricing

  • Full Face                $300
  • Upper Face            $200
  • Mid Face                $200
  • Lower Face            $200
  • Chest Only             $350
  • Forearms                $350
  • Hands                     $100
  • Full Arms                $500

Package of 3 IPL Treatments Pricing

  • Full Face                $810
  • Upper Face            $540
  • Mid Face                $540
  • Lower Face            $540
  • Chest Only             $945
  • Forearms                $945
  • Hands                     $270

The IPL or Photofacial Process

During IPL, a cold gel is applied to the area to be treated. The treatment tip is gently held to the skin and a pulse of light is applied. You may feel a slight sting. A series of four to six treatments is usually necessary to receive the best results. Each procedure can take as little as 20 minutes, depending upon how large the area is that we are treating.

After the Intense Pulsed Light IPL Treatment

Any brown spots on your face will begin to darken and your skin may be red. Depending upon the extent of the surface imperfections that are treated, this can last a few hours to a day or longer. But, the treatment is worth it! Make-up may be used to cover the redness.

Before and After Photos of IPL Treatments

Click to see before and after photos of IPL treatments.

Contact Us About IPL or Photofacials

To schedule an appointment to find out if Intense Pulsed Light Photo Facial is right for you or for more information about the treatment call Phases Skin Care and Laser Center in Indianapolis and Carmel at 317-848-8101 or click here to contact us by using our quick contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions About IPL or Photofacial

  1. Is IPL good for brown spots?
    Yes, IPL reduces brown “age” spots, redness, unsightly small veins and red spots. It usually takes 4-6 treatments.
  2. How much does IPL cost?
    $150 to $350 per area treated. 10% off for a package of three treatments.
  3. What can I expect after an IPL treatment?
    • The dark spots will get darker for up to one week and then flake away
    • You might have slight swelling or puffiness the next day
    • Red areas will become more red and fade away in one week
    • You should be able to cover up with makeup
    • You may not want to do this treatment before a big event or meeting

*We do try to keep the fees on our website up to date, however be advised fees are subject to change without notice. Please feel free to inquire about any price changes.

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