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Welcome to Phases Skincare & Laser Center! Our skin care and laser center is dedicated to providing you with non-surgical skin care treatments, other non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and skincare products that really work. We are proud to offer the highest quality and latest technology in non-surgical skin care, body treatments and skin rejuvenation in Indianapolis.

We invite you to browse our website to view our information about the non-surgical procedures and treatments we offer. If you are ready to schedule an appointment or have more questions and would like further information, email Phases Skin Care & Laser Center by clicking here for our online quick contact email form or feel free to call us at 317-848-8101.

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About NonSurgical Treatments at Phases

Phases aestheticians provide a wide variety of non-surgical services from wrinkle treatments to fat reduction in Indianapolis. We have found many problems are better handled with less invasive treatment and there are products and treatments that can prevent or delay the need for surgery and even prolong and protect one’s investment in surgical procedures.

Dr. Turkle’s Decision to Open Phases

Dr. Janet Turkle was inspired to establish Phases Skincare & Laser Center to address something very important to her – to safely provide non-surgical treatments for skin that really work. Unlike at traditional spas, the aestheticians at Phases provide medically based treatments for the face and body that really work.

Due to Dr. Turkle’s feelings about this, nonsurgical skin rejuvenation services provided by the Phases aestheticians are an integral of Turkle & Associates Plastic Surgery. She has found, in many cases, using a conservative approach can be the best approach–and many times surface skin problems cannot be helped with plastic surgery. Dr. Turkle feels it is very important to offer these services only by licensed medical aestheticians or other medical personnel in a medical spa atmosphere. Phases staff members receive extensive training for every procedure we offer and must regularly attend continuing education courses.

Who Performs NonSurgical Treatments for Face and Body at Phases

The non surgical face and body procedures our aestheticians perform can reduce fat with CoolSculpting, tighten your skin with ULTHERA, soften wrinkles with Halo Laser Resurfacing, reduce unwanted hair with Laser Hair Removal, age spots and other skin imperfections with our PicoWay Laser.

We are proud offer so many treatments designed to improve and restore your skin elasticity, reduce fat deposits and much more!

Some of our deeper laser procedures and our cosmetic injections at Phases are provided by a doctor or our medical staff of Turkle & Associates. Injectable products include BOTOX Cosmetic, XEOMIN, fillers like JUVEDERM, RADIESSE, RESTYLANE and more. These products are used to smooth wrinkles and plump lips or aging skin.

Please browse our website to review the treatments we perform, the problems we treat and our before and after photo gallery.

A personal consultation will help you determine if one of these treatments is right for you!

Skincare Consultation

Due to our dedication to the highest quality of care, your Phases medical aesthetician generally will perform a full skin evaluations for facial procedures. During this session, she will determine your concerns and goals and then provide various non-surgical treatment options to help you achieve your goals for your face or your body.

Our goal at Phases is to give you the attention you deserve in a warm and caring medical spa atmosphere. We do everything possible to make you comfortable while you are receiving our services. Your privacy and modesty is respected for all body treatments.

Contact Us

Phases is conveniently located to both Indianapolis and Carmel. If you would like to schedule an appointment and/or learn more about our non-surgical face and body treatments, including BOTOX® Cosmetic, feel free to contact us by calling 317-848-8101 or use our quick contact online form by clicking here to contact Phases, Medical Skin Care & Laser Center in Indianapolis today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Phases Skin and Laser Center

  1. Why do I need a skin care consultation if I know the type of skin care treatment that I want?
    It is important for the aesthetician to evaluate your skin and complete a history in order to recommend the most effective and safest treatment for you that will give you the results you want. We understand that this is different from traditional day spas, however, we feel that our excellent results are due, in part, to being very thorough. We can let you know when you call if you will require a consultation.
  2. Is a skin care consultation required for all services?
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