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PicoWay Laser Treatment in Indianapolis/Carmel

About PicoWay Laser Treatments

A PicoWay Laser treatment is the latest non-surgical and non-invasive procedure to make your skin look younger and clearer as well as provide a more even skin tone. With the PicoWay Laser, you get better results with fewer treatments, minimal discomfort and virtually NO downtime!

We invite you to continue reading to learn how our PicoWay Laser treatment can give you the smooth, glowing skin you’ve always wanted.

How Can PicoWay Laser Help?

PicoWay is a non-surgical, non-invasive laser treatment which helps people with rough skin, hyperpigmentation and other skin discolorations that are a result of genetics, pregnancy, the aging process, acne and more. The PicoWay treatment uses sound waves to break up unsightly pigmentation and spots and revitalizes your skin which leaves a smoother, brighter and more uniform complexion!

Since the PicoWay technology uses acoustic energy, or sound waves, instead of thermal energy (heat), the procedure can be performed on people with darker skin, like Asians and African Americans.

The PicoWay Laser device gives us two treatment options to rejuvenate your skin – PicoWay Resolve and PicoWay Global. PicoWay Resolve is a deeper fractional skin procedure and PicoWay Global is used for those who do not require the deeper fractionated treatment. After examining your skin and determining your treatment goals, we’ll choose the best one to help you realize those goals.

We can use PicoWay on most body areas like the face, chest/decolletage, hands, arms and legs. Examples of skin conditions treated by PicoWay include:

  • Melasma
  • Sun Damage
  • Freckles
  • Acne Scars
  • Brown Spots
  • Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
  • Age Spots
  • Liver Spots
  • Lentigines
  • Dark Patches and Spots
  • Generalized Discoloration
  • Rough Skin Texture Due to Aging

Fast Results With the PicoWay Laser Treatment

The number of treatments needed to see dramatic improvement in your skin will vary depending upon your goals as well as what caused your skin discoloration and/or skin roughness.

To see clearer skin, most people need several treatments. After taking your history and examining your skin, your Phases aesthetician will let you know how many treatments will help you reach your goals.

The PicoWay Laser Treatment Process

Since a PicoWay laser treatment takes less than 30 minutes, and there’s minimal to no downtime, it’s easy to work into your busy day!

During a PicoWay laser treatment, the treatment device is placed on or near the skin to target the affected area. The device uses no heat and sends gentle pulses of sound energy which break up skin pigment, smooth the skin and treat the signs of aging.

You will be given information about what to expect following the treatment and instructions for home care.

After a PicoWay Laser Treatment

After you have completed a PicoWay treatment, you should make sure to apply sunscreen and can return to normal activities as desired. In the days following the treatment, the treated areas will darken and slough off revealing your new smoother skin.

VIDEO About the PicoWay Laser Treatment

See Before and After Photos of PicoWay Laser Treatments

See our gallery here of PicoWay Laser Treatment before and after photos.

Cost of PicoWay Laser Treatments*

Single PicoWay Global Laser Pricing

  • Full Face                $600
  • Chest                      $600
  • Forearms                $800
  • Full Arms                 $1600
  • Lower Legs             $1600

Package of Three PicoWay Global Laser Pricing

  • Full Face                 $1500
  • Chest                      $1500
  • Forearms                $2160
  • Full Arms                 $4320
  • Lower Legs             $4320

PicoWay Global Laser Pricing Spot Treatments

  • 15 minutes               $300
  • 30 minutes              $600

PicoWay Resolve Fractional Laser Price

  • Full Face                   $999
  • Full Face Pkg of 3     $2400

Generally, we recommend a series of three PicoWay treatments, scheduled four weeks apart, for the best results.

Contact Us About PicoWay Laser Treatments

To schedule an appointment to find out if PicoWay Laser treatment is right for you or for more information about the treatment call Phases Skin Care and Laser Center in Indianapolis and Carmel at 317-848-8101 or Click Here to contact us by email.

*We do try to keep the fees on our website up to date, however be advised fees are subject to change without notice. Please feel free to inquire about any price changes.

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