Tattoo Removal in Indianapolis and Carmel Indiana

Tattoo Removal Laser in Indianapolis and Carmel Indiana

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Tattoo Removal

Turkle & Associates is proud to partner with Invisible Ink to provide your tattoo removal services.

About Tattoo Removal
Does laser tattoo removal work? With our certified professionals, advanced Pico Laser technology, and Ink Analytics™, you’ll know if you can achieve a clean slate before you even begin. Get amazing tattoo removal results with Invisible Ink. It all starts with a totally free consultation with one of our trained tattoo removal experts. With nearly 10,000 successful treatments under our belt, it’s a good place to start. Once we understand what you’re looking for (from fading to complete removal), Invisible Ink’s proprietary Ink Analytics diagnostics shows how many recommended treatments will be needed to get the results you’re looking for. Guaranteed. And if your tattoo can’t be completely removed by our leading-edge Pico Lasers, we’ll tell you that right up front. Your satisfaction and trust are essential to how we work day after day.

About Ink Analytics ™
Our free Ink Analytics™ shows you what you can expect. Guaranteed. Deciding to have a tattoo removed is a big decision. There’s the cost, the time, the discomfort, and of course, the emotional side of the entire experience. At Invisible Ink, we want you to know as much as you can about the process before you even begin. That’s where Ink Analytics comes in. Developed by a Plastic Surgeon, and administered by highly-trained technicians, our proprietary Ink Analytics diagnostics reviews over 40 unique factors about your skin, tattoo, and what you’re looking for – giving you a true picture of what it will take to remove your tattoo.

Ink Analytics: How it works
Our associates (many have already gone through the process themselves) will carefully study your tattoo and your skin, and capture an image of your tattoo with your permission. Next we will use our proprietary Ink Analytics technology to craft your customized tattoo removal experience – we will show you the number of treatments you’ll need and the degree to which your tattoo can be removed. If we do not believe your tattoo can be completely removed, we will let you know what to expect. We want you to make this decision with eyes wide open.

Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers Guaranteed Results
We do more than talk about your satisfaction – we stand behind what we say with our Invisible Ink Guarantee. It’s a bond of trust with our customers that we take very seriously. We will guarantee your customized results and the price we quote you upfront. If we do not deliver on what we promise, you will receive free removal procedures for one year. It’s that simple – Guaranteed.

Call for a Fast & Free Consultation 866-465-0090
Your big change starts with a very quick, very free, consult with one of our trained tattoo removal experts. It only takes a few minutes to discuss what kind of removal you’re looking for, understanding your skin type, any past issues, and a few other facts needed to help make the best decision for you and your future. No cost. No obligation. Just a clear picture of what it’s going to take to reclaim your skin (and your future).

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